Man-made climate change does not stop as long as the heating and cooling of buildings account for 50% of the world's energy consumption.

Our Vision

We strive for a world of zero energy loss buildings.

Our Mission

SIGA develops and manufactures high-performance, nontoxic adhesives, tapes and membranes for creating airtight building envelopes.

How an airtight building envelope serves you:

  • You increase your comfort and health: The room temperature in your building stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter. In addition, street noise and pollution do not infiltrate your building.
  • You save money: You reduce your building's energy consumption for heating and cooling.
  • You protect your investment: Your building is permanently protected from wind, rain, snow, insects, condensation, and mold.
  • You increase your energy efficiency: Your building contributes to climate and environmental protection. You transform your home into a high performance building, ultimately resulting in a lower degree of energy dependence.

How SIGA ensures you get the best you deserve:


For half a century and with great expertise and enthusiasm, we have been developing and producing nontoxic adhesives, tapes and membranes. In 1966, SIGA was established by Paul and Trudy Sieber-Gadient. The business was taken over by their two sons, Reto and Marco Sieber, in 1990. Since then, SIGA has prosperously evolved from a 15-man, local-rooted company to a 400-employee, multinational corporation. As proof of its success, SIGA was awarded the Swiss Family Business Award in 2013. In 2014, Patrick Stalder (left) was appointed new CEO after a successful career at SIGA. In 2016, the five children of Reto and Marco Sieber decided to continue running SIGA as a family business in the third generation.


Each year, SIGA introduces highly innovative products and services into the market. Over the past decade, SIGA has been granted more than 30 patents in the field of adhesives, tapes, and membranes. Not only are our products highly innovative, but also is our machinery. We manufacture our products with the use of self-developed, one-of-a-kind production machines. SIGA’s strive for excellence has also resulted in a unique culture of improvement. Every employee, regardless of his position, can actively optimize all aspects of our company. As a clear commitment to this culture, every 10th work day is solely used to improve the status quo and daily business is suspended.


With highly motivated employees across 30 countries, we aspire to meet the needs of our customers for an energy-efficient, enduring, and hazard-free building envelope. SIGA precision, combined with our expertise in roof, wall and floor connections, the installation of facades, window and door elements, pipe and cable penetrations, guarantee the highest quality and efficiency in building and remodeling.

We are very proud to actively contribute to environmental protection with our product range.