SIGA Wins Hygrobrid® Technology Patent Challenge

jessica 08/21/2018

SIGA wins hygrobrid technology patent challenge. The technology is found in products like Majrex

Ruswil, Switzerland - July 11, 2018 - The European Patent Office ruled in favor of SIGA in a major patent and intellectual property case, EP2759403. The court found that SIGA’s Hygrobrid® technology used in industry innovations such as the SIGA Majrex® is completely new and claims against the originality have been rejected.

SIGA Majrex is a smart directional vapor retarder that limits moisture transportation into the wall cavity and at the same time maximized inward drying. The result is a dry and mold free assembly over the life time of a building.

“SIGA believes in the strengths of its development competences and ability to innovate in the industry,” said Stefan Schaab, CPO, SIGA Cover AG. “This settlement represents another successful milestone in defending the intellectual property that enables us to provide superior products like the Majrex to our customers.”

The Institute of Building Climatology in Dresden, Germany, carried out testing on flat roof assemblies under construction-relevant climate conditions. They proved that the Hydrobrid technology works and that SIGA Majrex has a highly directional permeability.

About SIGA

SIGA is a leader in the development and production of high-performance adhesive tapes and membranes for air- and weathertight building envelopes. SIGA's vision is a world with zero-energy loss buildings. Today, approximately 50 percent of the world's energy requirements are consumed by heating and cooling systems. With SIGA's innovative products, this energy requirement can be massively reduced. SIGA operates in 22 countries and employs 475 people working together to shape the future of the building industry. Find more information about SIGA’s innovative approach to air and weathertight construction at

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